Some of the Cartoon Characters featured in this comic story of Roman Britain

Roman Centurion cartoon

  Roman Centurion Globus Stentorium, commander of the Fort at Seaton Sluice.  

Roman General cartoon

  Roman General Marcus Pontificus, Military Commander of Hadrian's Wall and Northern Britain.

Roman Soldier Cartoon


Roman Soldier of the Victory V Legion.


Roman Legionnaires Cartoon

Roman Legionnaires of the Victory V legion.
Feared by the warring tribes of Scotland.


Roman Auxilliary native Briton


A somewhat smelly Native Briton employed by
the Romans as an Auxiliary  Soldier.


  Scottish tribal leader, Big Mac, Rome's main adversary  at this
time in history.

Scottish Tribal Warrior cartoon

  A pix tribal member. much feared by the Romans.  There has been a good deal of argument amongst the team regarding
whether or not Sunglasses were available at the time.

Scottish Piper Cartoon Mcoustie

Scottish Piper Mcoustie. Probably the worst Pipe
player in the world and exiled by Big Mac to the outer Isles.


  Roman Spy, Sneakious Snitch, although he'd spy for
anyone if the the money was right. Master of disguise and
the promotion of misinformation.



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