Brexit, Men from the Ministry and other Cartoons


A selection of satirical cartoons and humorous absurdities, some lampooning the British establishment and others just comic nonsense. The 'Men from the Ministry' and 'Fred n Ted' series were made for the  free bus travel website which I helped set up with a pal. The site provides free  information and advice regarding the free bus pass introduced for pensioners a few years ago and we have been defending it ever since.



The tough stance taken by the
EU on Brexit  seem to make it
more likely that the UK will just walk



Ministers resignation cartoon

  Two Ministers were forced to resign from Mrs. May's Government in the same week .  


Brexit cartoon

Brexit Cartoon -  Negotiations appear to be bogged down and the EU gives every appearance of wanting to humiliate the UK and make us pay heavily.


Fred & Ted, resident pundits on the free bus travel website give their first reaction to the Election results. The failure of Mrs May to increase her party's majority in the Houses of Parliament has weakened her ability to exert full control over the arrangements for Brexit and she may have to rely on members of other party's to get some of the governments legislation through Parliament.


 Mutterings within Parliament and veiled threats from across the channel has helped divide opinion on whether the UK should adopt a hard or soft attitude towards negotiations over our exit from the EU.

There were two key proposals in the Tory manifesto which failed to win over older voters, the intention to renege on David Cameron's much heralded pensions 'triple lock' and a proposal that would have forced pensioners to give over their assets and sell their homes to pay for residential care.

There seems to be a tendency of both politicians and business to ignore pensioners.

If the government had succeeded in gaining support for its proposals then the Financial Services Industry would have leapt at the opportunity to provide a variety of schemes promoting ways of protecting one's assets. But under the mattress might turn out to be the safest place of all?

Another subject which irritates  the public, Hospital waiting times and hospital car parking charges - because you have to wait so long.,



The shortage of beds at some UK Hospitals has  led to casualty Patients
having to wait in corridors or Ambulances. But even these have become overcrowded.


The NHS 111 Emergency and urgent care service which was introduced to take pressure off Hospital A&E departments has received a mixed response from the public. This cartoon is based on the two runners who feature in the popular 118 118 UK telephone directory enquiries advert. David Bedford, a runner from the 1970s, complained that the characters bore a remarkable similarity to himself and he complained to the Advertising Standards authority and although OFCOM upheld his claim they didn't ban the adverts.


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