Comic Mechanical Inventions

More animated comic cartoon  inventions, inspired by the work of W. Heath Robinson and more recently Wallace and Gromit's Cracking adventures.


animated comic cartoon car invention

  Comic Cartoon car contraption - Taking advantage of the UK's obsession with speed and parking restrictions the inventor has come up with this machine which not only allows the authorities to process fines immediately but also applies yellow parking restriction Road markings as the vehicle moves. In keeping with the demands to reduce pollution the vehicle burns old rubbish to produce steam power and as an added bonus it can also act as a joining centre for the AA, or indeed the RAC


animated cartoon steam car invention

  Comic cartoon steam car - This version of the Multi Purpose Vehicle, liveried in the colours of the Newcastle United Football team, has two additional failsafe backup Camels in the unlikely event of a mechanical failure.

animated flying bike cartoon

  Flying cartoon contraption - A  modified version of the CycleDrone Flying Bike first appeared at the London Olympics, but this particular model failed to gain momentum due to the absence of wheels.  


animated cartoon cookie making machine

  Cartoon Cookie making machine - Adapted from the Trump Whiskey Golf contraption.  


Ron Robot kitted out with a Portable Satellite Communicator.
In an age where privacy seems to matter less and less, it will
become more common to see Robots pounding the streets of Britain,
 picking up gossip and information wherever it goes.

If any data collecting organisation would like to
lease this Robot then please contact this site for a quote


animated cartoon robot with baloon
All the animated gifs on this site were created using Flash

                                                                                                                       Barrie Pearce

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