More 'odds and ends' cartoons and pictures by Barrie Pearce

Some of the cartoons on this site were made for the Freebustravel 

Website which a pal and I set up several years ago to give free advice to

pensioners on the government's free Bus Pass scheme. It took

several years for local authorities to catch up and provide this

information but we now are letting them do the job.

This page also includes some of my other artwork, such as Oil paintings



An early hand drawn cartoon. Individual drawings scanned and then imported into a Gif animation program. Before fast connections there were severe limits on the file size of animations, otherwise they took too long to download
Manchester City Council were awarded the prestigious Flying Pig award for closing all but one of their public loos. A subject close to the heart of all older people


 Oil on Canvas, 30"x20"


 An experiment in 3D

    The Street Artist - Oil on Canvas - 22"x26"

Both cycling Cartoons are included in the Monty Python tribute video on Youtube



The Bus Stop (outside M&S Brighton). Two canvases in oil each 32"X12" .



Buskers-Made from a two part expoxy putty made by Milliput


I made this cartoon several governments ago and despite its age Politicians still promote the idea.

The question is, will means testing pensioners  cost more to administer than the income gained?

Apart from the so called 'Bedroom Tax' this cartoon raises concerns regarding the attitude of government and local authority towards older people's access and ability to use modern technology.

Reg and Ron Robot.  Replaced by newer models they now seek other employment .


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