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 Customer Survey - driven by Robots

The new Gossip collection service

You may have heard of Street view, well this is a new service called Street Chat. Our Robots will be touring the streets of Britain, listening in to private conversations and recording your views so that the information can be sold on to allow advertisers to target their goods and services more accurately.


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Street view gossip cartoon

  The Street View Gossip Cartoon poster will head up our Customer awareness campaign promoting this new and eagerly awaited service.  


Street view robot cartoon


The Street View Chat Robot plan details a few of the key features of this new and exciting project.



Cartoon Ron Robot Recharging

  Cartoon Robot Ron can recharge direct from any Lamppost using electromagnetic induction. The ability of our Street Chat Robot to recharge in this way avoids the necessity to return to base and allows for the more efficient collection of data.  



Windows Crashes cartoon

  Windows Crash Cartoon Robot- Since the introduction of Windows 10 Microsoft seem to have taken their eye off the ball with regard to Windows 7.  So Ron robot is able to re-set himself following the dreaded 'Blue Screen of death'.  



street view aninated cartoon

  Unfortunately it appears our new Robot service is not welcome by everyone. Back to the drawing Board?  


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