Hadrian's Roman Wall Cartoons Episode 1


It's a Wednesday morning on the Wall and the Fort at Seaton Sluice is preparing for the regular weekly protest by the Scottish Marauding Picts. The Legionnaires and their supporting Auxiliaries are told to be particularly vigilant as feelings are running high following a recent crop failure.

Although the border is relatively quiet, the local Scots tribe called Nats, like to aggravate the Romans by holding weekly demonstrations.  At the time in question they are in dispute over who controls the market for Woad, a plant of the cabbage family, which is the source of a blue dye used as body colour by the Nats, and when mixed with Red Oxide, the Purple worn by Emperors.

Determined to prevent their enemy from learning that the Fort is undermanned the Commander agrees to try out a new and untested secret weapon. Unfortunately they cannot  expect any help from the Forts of Chesters or Housesteads as their forces have been depleted too.

It is vital that the Scots don't learn how poorly defended the Fort is and to give the impression that it is fully manned the latest raw recruit is is taken out of training and paired up with a more experienced  Briton called Wilf the Whiff.

Centurion Globus Stenorium takes Wilf the Briton to one side and whispers a special set of instructions and then sends him and the new recruit to a key lookout position at the top of the fort's tower.

Wilf is used to being posted to the tower, but for some unknown reason it does depend on which way the wind is blowing.

Wilf has always wondered why he is either on the tower or guarding the dung heap located outside the compound.


Wilf and the young recruit get to know each other.

Although the Tower gives a stunning view of the northern countryside the young Legionnaire notices it has a particularly strong and somewhat unpleasant odour.
Wilf gives his young companion the benefit of his years of experience in dealing with this particular tribe who are distinguished by the blue colour of their bodies and outfits. Before they actually start shouting, the Pix, or Nats as they like to be known, always like to strike a pose of indifference and contempt.

NB. Authors note - The Blue may look more purple on some PCs depending how the colour is calibrated.


The Scots of course do not want to be ruled by Rome or others, although that is currently not the case.


The perceived list of grievances against the Romans could fill a Library.
The Nats start their well rehearsed protest routine and Wilf starts taking off his Boots.

Why is Wilf about to remove his Boots? If you want to find out then be sure to look at Episode  2 of this gripping drama. Perhaps 'Gripping' is too strong a description.


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