Hadrian's Wall, an unlikely tale - Episode 4

More Cartoon adventures in Roman Britain as the Scots prepare to wreak their revenge on the occupants of the Fortress. Having searched most of Scotland Mcoustie is finally located on a remote Island off the Western Coast, where he has been practising his pipes.

Reluctantly the Pix prepare to welcome back Mcoustie, the Piper who has come in from the cold. But it soon becomes clear that exile has done nothing for his interpretation of music and almost certainly he is still the worst Bagpipe player in the world. The members of the tribe are not at all happy but no one dare challenge the Chief.

It seems Mcoustie was exiled some years previously because his playing of the pipes was so bad it gave everyone headaches. However Big Mac realises that he needs to make amends if the Piper is to be persuaded to take up his pipes and the Chief has to eat a large slice of humble pie as Mcoustie lists all his grievances.

Speaking through gritted teeth Big Mac praises Mcoustie's efforts to spread the sound of the pipes throughout the land and suggests, as a gesture of good will, that he play for Roms and Bits, as he likes to call them.  After all it is said that Emperor Nero played the pipes and not the fiddle as Rome burned.

Despite Big Mac's assurances regarding the reception he might receive and comparison with Emperor Nero,  Mcoustie remains uncertain. But Big Mac won't take no for an answer and he orders Mcoustie to present himself outside the Fort on the next Wednesday.

In case Mcoustie decides not to turn up Big Mac orders his Men not to let the musician out of their sight and to ensure he attends the Fort on Wednesday.

Rumour of the new Weapon quickly reaches the harbour and Wilf decides to go to the fort to find out what is going on.

Wilf catches up on the latest new and as rumours about a new weapon spread a chilling air of uncertainty descends on the Compound.


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