Hadrian's Wall, an unlikely tale, episode 2

In this continuing cartoon Comic about Roman Britain the occupants of the Fort at Seaton Sluice let loose their new secret weapon on the unsuspecting Scots,

Roman Soldier Cartoon 2.1

Roman Brits and Picts cartoon 2.2
Overcome by the smell from Wilf's feet the angry Scots are forced to abandon their protest and
scurry home to their village. Big Mac their Chief will not be a happy Chief and the protesters fear his angry retribution.

 Ancient Scot and Picts cartoon

Ancient Scots and Picts cartoon 2.4
The group of protesters try to explain their failure to the Chief. For years the Scots have fought
those south of the border, indeed some reckon little has changed in 2000 years.

angry scots chief cartoon

The angry Scots Chief is appalled that his men were put off their mission by a mere Pong and he sends for
Sneakious Snitch, the Master Spy.

British Tribes in Roman Times

Years of spying for both the Romans and the Scots, and anybody else for that matter, has made Sneakious one of the most paranoid people on the planet, apart from a succession of Roman Emperors who during this period didn't last long in power.


Sneakious, being naturally sneaky, and devious adopts a feigned stance of complete and utter disinterest. By adopting this pose he hopes to extract a larger fee from his prospective employer.

Sensing the Chiefs growing impatience and not wishing to lose out on what may be a lucrative piece of business, Sneakious declares he available for some spying. The Chief tasks him with finding out all he can about this new weapon the Romans have.

Hadrians Roman Wall Fort

Hadrian's Roman Wall Fort - Although this is an Artists impression of the Roman Fort at Seaton Sluice, now occupied by Seaton Delaval Hall, you can see that it is very heavily guarded. At least it should have been.

Unconvincingly disguised as an innocent Water Carrier Sneakious manages to slip unchallenged past the ever vigilant guard and into the Fort.

Hadrian's Wall Fort Cartoon 2.14

While hovering around the Well and in earshot of the nearby barracks, Sneakious hears two
Roman soldiers discussing the mornings success using something called a 'Wilf'.  He would have liked to have lingered longer to discover what a Wilf was, but this would have increased the risk of discovery by the Romans.



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